Miriam Weiss   Writer & Aesthetic Realism Associate

Reports of Lectures by Eli Siegel

Here are reports I have written of lectures given by Eli Siegel. Over the years I have had the chance to hear via-tape recordings in the classes taught by Ellen Reiss, over a thousand of the infinitely more lectures Eli Siegel gave. I owe a debt of gratitude for how much these lectures alone have enriched my knowledge of the world and added to my respect for humanity. Mr. Siegel talked on art, history, the world’s religions, economics, philosophy, science, current events, humor, literature, poetry and the drama, and of people, precious people who once lived, some famous, but many long forgotten.

One thing I love and see as absolutely necessary to life, is humor, something Eli Siegel and Aesthetic Realism have abundantly. You can see it in many of these lectures and throughout the pages of my website.

One Can Go from Criticism to Poetry
--Eli Siegel discusses the meaning of criticism in relation to writers from the Georgian period

Poetry Hovers Around Bunker Hill and the Past as Reality
--Eli Siegel discusses literature, including James Fennimore Cooper's novel Lionel Lincoln, in relation to this revolutionary war battle

The Self Has Civilization
--Eli Siegel discusses Remebrance of Things Past, by Marcel Proust, in relatioin to anthropology and the work of Dr. Arnold Perey

Evil Has Been Thought of: or Baudelaire
--Eli Siegel discusses the work and purpose of Charles Baudelaire

We Carry Our Imagination With Us
Imagination Takes Orders From Things
--In both talks, Eli Siegel discusses Sean O'Casey's play "The Plough and the Stars"

Drama Is About Instinct
--Eli Siegel discusses The New Theater Handbook, edited by Bernard Sobel

Imagination Is With Evil
--Eli Siegel discusses the writing of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey