Miriam Weiss, Writer & Aesthetic Realism Associate

Miriam Weiss
Writer & Aesthetic Realism Associate


"In March 1922, I felt that every person owed something to every other person and, indeed, to every other thing. Aesthetic Realism now has in it the need of every person to be precise about what is not himself."

           —Eli Siegel
           The Modern Quarterly Beginnings of Aesthetic Realism 1922-1923

These words are one way of describing what the education of Aesthetic Realism is and why I love it. It was founded in 1941 by the American poet and critic, Eli Siegel (1902-1978) and it shows that our need to be fair is without limit. Social justice mattered to me very much and does even more now, but my eyes opened and my life began to change when I learned that what it means to be just concerns everything from what people deserve economically, to how we see a parent, a tone of voice, our attitude to books, our thoughts about people, how we handle an object like a sponge on the kitchen sink, how we use our imagination, and more. The list is endless. Aesthetic Realism honors the need to be ethical in every human being and strengthens it, educates it. It says we need to learn from Art how to see things truly, in order to really feel successful and happy.

On these pages you can read about this great education through papers I have presented at public seminars, my published articles, and reports I have written of lectures Eli Siegel gave on the arts and sciences. I studied in classes with him from 1975-1978 and currently study in the professional classes taught by Ellen Reiss, who is the Chairman of Education.

You can also find here writings by me and others about a life-long passion—Japanese culture and language—excerpts from books I care for and what I have learned from them; papers on the visual arts and links I recommend.

—Miriam Weiss